ESTIA pitched the TEAMIT+ project at the second edition of the Universities Forum in Biarritz

The second edition of the Universities Forum was held in Biarritz on February 12, 2024. It was organized by the Euroregion Nouvelle-Aquitaine Euskadi Navarre. The aim of the day was to develop new opportunities for university cooperation within the Euroregion, and to encourage the creation of new synergies between its players. The event was part of the EGTC’s Euroregional University Cooperation Strategy, which focuses on networking between local players, research and training, and student and teaching staff mobility within the Euroregion.

The event provided an opportunity to present the UNINAEN platform for Euroregional university cooperation. UNINAEN is a platform designed to facilitate the visualization of the universities and higher education centers that make up the Euroregional university network, and to strengthen the networking of the university community in the three territories.

Pitching sessions enabled participants to meet, exchange ideas and identify new opportunities for cooperation. In this context, ESTIA pitched the TEAMIT + project. A poster of the project was also produced by ESTIA and displayed at the event, along with other posters from participants, to give visibility to everyone’s productions, projects, and ideas.

More than 140 entities attended: universities, researchers, managers, teachers, researchers, mobility referents, project managers, etc.