OCTOBER 2024 - APRIL 2025

Become an impact Teampreneur



Join a 6 month European Expert Course

3 modules to empower yourself in entrepreneurial multicultural teams tackling the climate crisis through cooperative values


Module 01 | Oct '24

Understand the climate crisis and solidarity issues . Be inspired by local initiatives that are leading changes.


Module 02 | Dec '24

Innovate through sustainable solutions with the organisations that are building our society.


Module 03 | Jan - Apr '25

Be selected as one of the 40 young teampreneurs. Get coached to create your collective and impactful project.

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- Currently residing in the European Union, with up-to-date EU (travel) documents
- Between 18 and 30 years old?
- Able to communicate in English? No specific level required
- Have access to the internet?
NB: This Expert Course is fully funded by the European Union for all participants

Teampreneur multicultural impact innovation cooperatives


aims to develop an innovative educational program applying a pedagogical methodology based on the “learning by creating” approach. The specific pedagogical methodology will be applied to vocational training students, to higher education students, as well as to young immigrants, refugees and the unemployed from different academic subjects. The aim is to enable them to become future entrepreneurs who will influence society by understanding the importance of the transition to a greener economy, based on green, digital and climate resilience skills.

Objective 1

Develop an innovative and multidisciplinary training system based on “learning by creating”, on the dimension of environmental issues and integrating cooperative values for entrepreneurship

Objective 2

Increase participants’ awareness of the current environmental, climate and societal issues to orientate their actions towards a more social and environmentally responsible attitude

Objective 3

Train students on green, digital and resilience skills to co-create impact solutions in the fields of climate change and environmental issues that are not being addressed due to skills mismatches

Objective 4

Encourage local initiatives and boost the creation of responsible and sustainable companies with cooperative values that respond to environmental, climate or societal issues and make a positive impact in their region or country.

Objective 5

Stimulate collaboration and synergies between HE and VET students, together with business entities and other labor market actors

Objective 6

Ensure the sustainability and transferability of this novel methodology to other higher education and vocational education and training institutions across Europe, to increase the impact of the project and contribute to the innovation capacity of the next generation of workers

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